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I am so lazy. Crazily so. And the concept of holiday searching drives me mad. I know what I want to do often rather than where I want to go. I don’t care if I holiday in Cape Verde or in Auchterarder or in deepest darkest Peru. Its about what I can do when I get there. Recently, over a couple of glasses of whisky I decided to revisit New York.

And why would I want to visit New York?

I could try and seem more clever than I actually am and discuss how I wanted to go back to the Guggenheim (it’s a Frank Lloyd Wright building – which in my head is probably more interesting that its contents), how I wanted to go and visit CBGB and dream of the great music and then go ice skating in Central Park (if it’s good enough for John Cusack it’s good enough for me – Kate Beckinsale is always welcome to accompany me). But in truth all I want is some Har Kau from China town. I’m willing to buy a flight (£400′ish), get a hotel (about £100 a night or so), save some beer money (don’t ask for the real figure) and all to buy a portion of  small, translucent, Chinese shrimp dumplings.

One Quick Look Later in Google…

These little Chinese dumplings are making me salivate

Har Gau (so now my spelling is wrong aswell as my pronunciation) from 88 Palace (88 East Broadway, NYC 10002). And already I want to get onto a plane and leave now. And for only $10 all in I may never go home again.And then I read the surrounding text and it says that the dumplings from “Red Egg” are even better!!!

Red Egg (202 Centre Street New York, NY 10013) – kinda sounds scary; prelude act to a Edgar Allen Poe novel.  With a Zagat score of 75% I’m already interested – since when did Google start showing Zagat scores?

The whole Zagat thing left me looking less hard for Har Kau and more for anything else which had a great score – and I’ll write up how I feel food scoring systems are operating online and how holiday makers and travelers can us there to locate restaurants in the future (you know how to spot a fake review etc)  but I did find a great set of reviews for Hop Kee (21 Mott St., New York, NY, 10013)

But to round it all off I find someone has made a post identifying the 5 best places for dumplings (ok so they look at more than simply Har Gau/Har Kau in the post, and some of them don’t look that appealing – and I always eat with my eyes first). Duly I now have to go to New York simply to see if the reviews are correct and be able to prove or disprove my thoughts on online review websites.

New York here I come; and if you think I can get enthused about Har Kau too much then wait for my next post on where I’m looking to go for a drink in NYC. If you can think of anywhere I should go to get dumplings on my trip let me know and I’ll add these to the list.

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